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Message field

Custom field Message - shows message banner on create, edit, view issue screens and transitions. Configure status message


Time in status field/Timer/Stopwatch/SLA

Shows time in selected statuses. Configure calculate time in status, timers, work calendars, JQL functions. Suitable for SLA

Customizable Announcements for Jira

Configure users and groups to show announcement banner, start and stop times, html message. Banners work with Service Desk pages

Switch to User + Delegating SU (Jira)

You can log in to Jira with a different user - Jira sudo

Calculated custom fields

Pack of calculated custom fields: Formula, Last comment, Age, Time between dates, Mentions, Resolves sub-tasks, Sort by parent etc

Simple notifications for Jira

In-App notifications about changes in the issue with comment or messages from the administrators in the browser on the Jira page

Delegating group management

Delegated Group Management in Jira. ​The administrator can grant any users or groups the right to manage any groups

One-time Link

You send secret (text, password...) and in response, you will receive a link for one-time access to the sent secret. Uses AES

Project help info

Information for navigating the project in a user-friendly manner. Available request types, their statuses etc

Search by workflows

Search by workflow. Finds mention of text in conditions, validators, functions and other plugins

Cross filters matrix

This plugin shows the results of the intersection filters in the table form